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Thread: Rock Wall off the Natchez Trace

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    Rock Wall off the Natchez Trace

    This video is short one about the Rock Walls built by a man
    to Honor his Great-Great Grandmother, who was taken from
    N. Alabama to Okla. On the Trail of Tears. He stacked a rock
    for every step she took, She walked back from Okla. Took her
    5 years to return. He moved 9 million pounds of 32 years.

    I saw the man in person on my ride down the Trace. 2009.
    He has since died and this video is his son telling the story.
    The man who built it has a video, of him telling his story on another page.

    Mile marker 334 I think. You will be glad you stopped. This
    thing he made will live forever....
    Calling it a rock wall does not due it justice. It's so large and wide.

    Buttset from Mo.

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    Re: Rock Wall off the Natchez Trace

    Thank you for posting it, I must have rode past it, hope I get to go back and visit it.
    Lloyd and Judy in Columbiaville, MI.
    2013 Ural Patrol
    2012 Burgman 400
    We tent camp

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    Re: Rock Wall off the Natchez Trace

    This is the man at the wall and look for my Trike and 55 Nomad Trailer in the backround.

    Here his the man that built it.

    Look how wide it is in places.

    When I camped the man who owned the campground liked my rig,
    and fixed me a free breakfast. Told me to check out the Wall!!

    This is his camground if your on the Trace. Nice guy, live there too.

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