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Thread: You know I like to Eat!

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    You know I like to Eat!

    Found a great little place called The Landmark.
    Lowery City Mo. Downtown, can't miss it. Town two blocks long.
    Chicken Dinner today, with 3 sides $7.00. Home Cooking at its best.
    Home made rolls, sweet tea. Open 6am to 2pm.
    Grandson Sam and I got there at 1:30, had to put our name down,
    and wait for a table. Town maybe 500 people. Cafe got a write-up,
    in a Mo. Magazine and now its the place to go.
    Half way between, Springfield Mo. and Clinton Mo. on 13 highway.

    Sam made this observation, 60 people in two rooms and NO ONE
    was looking at their phone,,,,,,,LOL LOL TWILIGHT ZONE

    So when you get near here and it's before 2PM. Stop and eat.

    Buttset from Mo.

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    Re: You know I like to Eat!

    I gave up this rig for my Cabin but I do miss it.
    Found some great eating places while riding 119K miles.
    I been everywhere man.

    As you can see I do like to eat. LOL

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