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Thread: Minimum CC's required to tow a Lees-ure Lite

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    Re: Minimum CC's required to tow a Lees-ure Lite

    Be careful, your question may be like "I need oxygen to breathe, what is the smallest tank I will need for a 4 hour airplane flight?" Um, no! If you are having trouble with a large enough motorcycle might I suggest a small sporty convertible?

    The 17 lbs. tongue weight you quoted is for the smaller "Original" model. If you are sleeping by yourself that will likely be enough room. If you are sleeping with someone else then you will want the "Excel" model unless you are both very very skinny. My wife and I speak from experience on this.

    And, if you are sleeping with someone else are they on their own motorcycle or they riding pillion? If pillion, that is another ??? lbs of weight to consider.

    Never never ever ever believe any advertised weights from any RV manufacturer! Those published weights don't include any options (none!), such as (for larger campers) house batteries, heaters, air conditioners, mattresses, etc. You would have to special order a trailer to not get those "optional" items automatically included. For an example here, Lees-ure Lite offers a "Heavy Spray Fiberglass" option and most of their trailers that I have seen have come with that option. You think that extra spray doesn't add weight to the trailer? It even has the word "Heavy" in its name!

    My Excel's measured weight is 304 lbs total with a 31 lb tongue weight. That is with the camper completely empty however it does have the "Heavy Spray Fiberglass" option. Add the foam mattress, the awning and poles, an empty cooler on the tongue, a spare tire and any other camper wants/necessities and you now weigh more. Then start adding your own camping stuff. How much does a kitchen sink weigh?

    My wife tows our Excel with her Spyder RT, with 1330 cc's and big Brembo disk brakes on the two front wheels. She can stop fairly quickly but she has two wheels up front and some of the best brakes. At Interstate speeds she can keep her speed up but uses more throttle and really goes thru the go-go juice. It's about the only time my little Honda CTX700 can keep up with her!

    Cooler on the tongue. Unless you need to transport your insulin or something similar I never understood why anyone would fill their cooler with ice and their stuff and start out on a trip. We take a cooler and when we get very close to where we are going, sometimes it's the campground store, we then fill the cooler with ice and drinks and whatever. When we stop for gas on the way there are plenty of refreshments available inside!

    Have fun,
    2016 Lees-ure Lite Excel Camper
    KIP Moto SherpaX Single Wheel Cargo Trailer
    2016 Honda CTX700 DCT (His)
    2014 Can-Am Spyder RT Limited (Hers)

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    Re: Minimum CC's required to tow a Lees-ure Lite

    Charles is Very right. We have the LL Excel and the front pod. That pod alone added 22#. We needed a box on the front and went with a plastic molded box from "TSC" to trim off 5# without losing any space. Under the front box is the spare tire mounted. We also plan on living out of our LL for the next 2 years traveling around the country. Sooo we utilized the receivers on the back to add another storage box. That done we also have 2 awnings with poles and both sides have add-a-rooms. And the travel cover from LL. I weighed all this without any "stuff" we will take with us for the 2 years and it added up to 500#. We also have a Spyder RT-S with the 1330cc 3 cylinder.

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    Re: Minimum CC's required to tow a Lees-ure Lite

    Yah, I got pretty excited the first time I saw the weight on a LL, 230 lbs! Then I remembered how every single other mc camper I'd seen advertised and then weighed was off by like 80lbs empty, before putting any equipment in it. I always figured the LL was prob close to 300# with a standard setup.

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    Re: Minimum CC's required to tow a Lees-ure Lite

    Thanks for all the input, I’ve decided to keep my Victory and get a hitch/wiring installed. I may trade it in for an Indian in the next few years and am looking forward to having the LL to take with me. Really appreciate the info on the weight, I also got the heavy duty spray option, cooler rack but was thinking small/light plastic tote for tools etc, spare tire and will use an air mattress to try and keep some weight down. I see some people put PVC pipe for the poles..I’m going to search and see if I should do the same :-)

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    Re: Minimum CC's required to tow a Lees-ure Lite

    well heck.. if you have a Vic you already have a horse ready to do the pulling. I had a hitch on my 07 Kingpin and pulled a 500# trailer around with it no problem. I did put a mild set of cams and a fuel tuner to give it some more oomph for passing etc at highway speeds.. but to be honest it didn't need it I just wanted it.

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