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Thread: Minimum CC's required to tow a Lees-ure Lite

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    Minimum CC's required to tow a Lees-ure Lite

    Hello, I am ordering a Lees-ure Lite with the hopes of doing some motorcycle camping in the near future. For now, my plan is to tow with my SUV for car camping.

    My question would be, what would the minimum cc's or torque should I be looking for in a bike? I am partial to cruiser, but am open to adventure bikes as well. Do I need to take into account brakes, weight etc.

    Would say a Yamaha 950 cruiser, or Kawasaki Vulcan 900 do the trick?

    Thanks in advance, appreciate any insight :-)

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    Re: Minimum CC's required to tow a Lees-ure Lite

    I do have some experience towing with a bike but not nearly what others on this site have.

    I would pay close attention to the tongue weight. Lees-ure Lite is showing 17lbs but of course that will change as you load the trailer up or place a heavy cooler on the front. I would think you should keep the tongue weight pretty close to the 17lbs but the manufacturer should be able to give some good info on how to distribute the weight of your camping gear. Based on my dads years of towing trailers behind bikes, I believe a 950 would pull the trailer fine however with that said, we all ride at different paces and he was a very conservative rider. He often pulled behind a Harley but he also pulled his lightweight trailers behind a 950 Yamaha and a 750 Yamaha 4 cylinder. I am sure others will chime in and recommend a bit bigger bikes but lets see what they suggest. Sorry I am not more help! I am partial to the adventure bikes and not cruisers but you don't typically see a trailer behind a larger ADV bike. Wish you the best.


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    Re: Minimum CC's required to tow a Lees-ure Lite

    The 900's will probably tow the trailer but stopping will take longer distance. Fuel mileage will also drop some. I tow a 2002 Leesure Lite Excel but I do it with a reverse triked Goldwing 1800. As mentioned the tongue weight needs to be close to 10-15% of trailer weight. I believe the LL weighs about 250 empty. Off topic, I just got back from 4400 mile trip to and around Texas with my Leesure Lite.
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    Re: Minimum CC's required to tow a Lees-ure Lite

    I tow a LL Excel with an 1800 Gold Wing trike and fully loaded I can tell the LL is back there when starting, stopping, and going up a hill. Personally I would not tow the LL with anything less than 1100 CC. It is not actually pulling the trailer that is the issue, it is however stopping that can be. The LL does not have brakes so you need to stop it using the brakes on your bike. With the 1800 it takes me almost half again in distance to stop from 55 MPH.

    This all assume you have the LL loaded correctly so it is not pulling down on the hitch.

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    Re: Minimum CC's required to tow a Lees-ure Lite

    This answer is pretty fluid, and depends a lot on the rider as well as the machine. If you follow good towing practices on the bike and aren't trying to run the Isle of Mann while doing it you can get away with less. Displacement really has less to do with it than the torque and HP of the machine but even that is fluid. Guys have been towing trailers behind old harleys for years that didn't have 50-60 HP, but they did have some torque. Using engine braking a lot take a lot of wear and tear off the brakes too. I towed a 500lb load behind my Victory and it only had a single disk front but it could still lock up the front wheel if I wanted it to. It wouldn't have the ability to do long periods of braking; thats when it's nice to have a second disk, but being in the right gear and downshifting to slow down as well as giving yourself enough room to slow down and you will barely use the brakes.

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    Re: Minimum CC's required to tow a Lees-ure Lite

    Thanks for the replies, I do have a Victory but am finding it a bit large for around town riding...was hoping to find a bike mid size that can do it all

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    Re: Minimum CC's required to tow a Lees-ure Lite

    I tow a Leesure Lite with my Roadmaster. I used to tow a cargo trailer weighing about 300 lbs loaded with my old 1100 Goldwing. It towed alright, with two riders. The extra power of my Roadmaster is niceer.

    The tongue weight advertised is not very realistic. That would be a stripped down version I would think. I weight my trailer when it was conservative loaded, and it came in at 53 lbs. No cooler but have the cargo area, but only filled with light stuff.


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    Re: Minimum CC's required to tow a Lees-ure Lite

    I know Roadman makes a camper they claim you can pull w/ an 800cc bike, or even a 650. Their old commercial showed a 650 Vstar pulling it. I think it was around 300lbs.. although they claimed it was 230 or something I'm sure. Pretty much any bike you can put a hitch on will pull a trailer.. its all what you feel acceptable. I thought a lot about this system before from a single wheel trailer that you can literally hang on the wall when not being used that hooks to your luggage rack. They have guys on small displacement scooters using them, and you can load them up with all kinds of stuff.

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    Re: Minimum CC's required to tow a Lees-ure Lite

    Think of it this way, can the bike handle a passenger? If not, then move on. I won't go so far to say you have to have a Goldwing or something as beefy but I can tell you that my concours, while it will pull it, gets awful gas mileage. So it definitely affects the motorcycle in a negative way. A more powerful bike will handle the load better, be more efficient and overall do the job better. I would not use a 900cc cruiser, that's like what, 60-75 hp? Just doesn't seem like enough to me if you're going to hit the highway.
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    Re: Minimum CC's required to tow a Lees-ure Lite

    Prior to my current bike I towed a loaded 250# cargo trailer with a Yamaha V-Star
    1100. I found it very capable however at highway speeds the RPM’s were a bit high.
    As mentioned above, braking is seriously affected. I now tow a MiniMate with a 1700
    cc Roadstar. This bike is 850 pounds and has plenty of torque to pull the 350+ pound
    MM. In emergency situations I have been pushed while braking. It has to be top of
    mind at all times.

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