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Thread: Is it Monday?

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    Re: Is it Monday?

    Quote Originally Posted by jmeyer58 View Post
    In my book every day is Saturday. No work today and no work tomorrow. I love being retired!
    Yep, 6 Saturday’s and 1 Sunday every week. Welcome to the forum jmeyer58!

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    Re: Is it Monday?

    I love Saturdays, especially because they are seven days a week.
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    Re: Is it Monday?

    I use several methods to try and keep the days of the week straight. Tuesday is cheap movie day around here and I go to church on Sunday so I can usually get those two. I look at my phone every morning mainly to check the weather. I have my daily pill dispenser every morning and still an hour after all of this I'm again in a fog. I try to tell myself it's not old age. In retirement it just doesn't matter anymore. Unfortunately I can't seem to rationalize my way around the aches and pains. That's why I'm planning on Alaska in 2020. Retirement gives me the time and I need to go while I'm still up to it. Oh, and I actually say the best thing about being retired is that there are no more Mondays. Let's get out and ride.

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    Re: Is it Monday?

    After having a job where I was "on call" 24/7 I love being retired.

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    Re: Is it Monday?

    Just recently entered this club and already I am depending on the accuracy of my pill minders to know what day it is! Pretty much stopped wearing a watch. Didn't care about the time--needed to know the date!
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    Re: Is it Monday?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ironheadziggy76 View Post
    After having a job where I was "on call" 24/7 I love being retired.
    I worked all shifts and many time zones , kept my digital watch set on 24hrs. Helped to know if it's Monday morning or night.

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    Re: Is it Monday?

    When I worked I traveled two states. Always had to be somewhere.

    One day I had the meet, someone to set up a Key Machine in a new Walmart.
    It was 90 miles from my home. Had to be there by 8 AM. So waking up in the dark
    I dressed so not to wake my wife. Drove 90 miles, stepped out of my car. Looked
    down and I had one brown shoe, and one white tennis shoe on.

    That day I started so think maybe I should think of

    Buttset from MO.

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    Re: Is it Monday?

    Counting the days to retirement. Maybe next year...
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    Re: Is it Monday?

    In 3 months I am to,give my notice. Camper is ready! Can’t wait for summer.��

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    Re: Is it Monday?

    44 days to go.

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