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Thread: Is it Monday?

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    Is it Monday?

    OK Retired and having fun, sleep late some days, and time gets lost.

    I might just start a blog. Call it "Is it Monday?" Wife says. I get lost in time. lol
    Still building the Cabin. My son went down with me Sunday, did some work in the Loft
    moving and storing things I have not been able to climb into the Loft and do.

    Heading home we stopped to eat. We sat there after eating just talking. 1 hour.
    We caught up on his life, and work, and kids.
    We don't spend much time, these days, just the two of us. He is a busy DAD.

    Sam the grandson I raised is 20, out on his own, calls two weeks a go, should I buy
    a bulldog, for $1900, that question might have been, will You give me $1900? Then he
    says out of the blue, I may go to college, I need a degree to get a better job. Then he sent
    text Sunday, he would like a new truck. He traded in 2018, Honda Accord, for 2015, to
    get a lower payment, to afford the new apartment. To be 20 again, and have your mind,
    in overdrive, and no extra money at the end of the month. He needs some CHILL PILLS. LOL

    After working at the Cabin, setting in the cafe, we got up to leave and my Legs
    forgot to work. Boy stiff, and slow to get going. This was the third day I had worked
    at the cabin in a row. Just taking Monday Off. LOL

    OK retired campers, are we ready for spring, summer and out of the house? I am

    Just got to finish the Cabin first. At 71+ my body is slowing down, OK I said it, some
    days, I feel older..... Do YOU????

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    Re: Is it Monday?

    I have been working with the chains on my daily ride. A record winter and I'm looking forward to spring. My first 10 steps are reminder of my past. Carrying firewood is a reminder of the present.
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    Re: Is it Monday?

    Is it Monday... Yup, I just checked my pill container

    John, I hear you folks have been having a real winter this year
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    Re: Is it Monday?

    It must be Monday... I hear that all the schools are closed because of today's storm.

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    Re: Is it Monday?

    Pill container . . . yeah that reminds me what day of the week it is too, €4♤ ♧!

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    Re: Is it Monday?

    Yes. It's Monday and I have lots to do before Wednesday. I'm flying to Myrtle Beach and getting the wing out of storage. I hope it starts. I rented a storage room for $35/ mo last November. Now is the payoff. A few days with my daughter and granddaughter in Charleston SC and then on to Florida. This'll work well if it'll just warm up in Michigan by the end of March.


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    Re: Is it Monday?

    Yes, a good winter to be retired from the road commission. My respect for the emergency crews.

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    Re: Is it Monday?

    Mike, Clint Eastwood and Toby Keith made a great song inspired by a saying Mr Eastwood had when Toby ask him how he managed to remain so active at 88 yrs old...and now directing a new movie...Eastwood said every morning when he looks in the mirror he says to himself "Don't let the old man in." I thought that was quiet profound...

    Click the "OK" when it comes up and it may take a minute for the short video to start...

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    Unhappy Re: Is it Monday?

    When I sleep at night, I put my cell phone on the nightstand next to the bed and when I wake up in the morning I look at it and it tells me everything I need to know......time, day of the week, and date. LOL! Oh, I forgot it also has an alarm that goes off every morning at 8:00 AM to take my meds in the pill container. The pill container acts as a backup to confirm the day of the week! It's terrible to get old!!!


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    Re: Is it Monday?

    In my book every day is Saturday. No work today and no work tomorrow. I love being retired!

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