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Thread: On a hog and a hack

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    On a hog and a hack

    That was how I looked it up on Amazon.

    A friend of mine, Steve, here in Sandpoint suggested I read it. A couple of his friends are the central figures in the true story.

    I’ve ridden a Hog briefly a couple times and never had a side car. But this is a well written, interesting book; basically a human interest story blended with enough motorcycle and touring material keep you reading for more.

    Bob worked in Alaska and lived down here near Spokane. After years of splitting his time between the two places he retired; but he had a plan. He became a groupie in the local Harley shops and ended up buying a Road King, with an attached side car. His plan was to ride with his wife through each of America’s regions. Only 2 stipulations 1.) Stay off the Interstates as much as possible and 2.) Make no reservations.

    With those in place they toured the country sometimes staying with long lost relatives or friends of friends.

    It a very good read!
    “Embracing America on a Hog and a Hack” by Cheryl Sietz and Susie Puckett.

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    Re: On a hog and a hack

    Looks interesting indeed
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    Re: On a hog and a hack

    Where would I be able to find this book looks interesting.

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