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Thread: 10th Annual Cherohala Chill Out

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    Re: 10th Annual Cherohala Chill Out

    Thank you all for a great time and making a new guy feel welcome. I look forward to riding and hanging with this group again! I hope I will have time soon to upload the pics and video. Jerry, get with me when you get a chance about that tool tube, please.

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    Re: 10th Annual Cherohala Chill Out

    Hi campers.
    It was good to meet you face to face. See what others are doing. Listening to the conversations of past and future rides.
    My cracked pot embarrassment grew to the point of me leaving early. When I got home and thought about it, I was out of line . Sorry about that. I'll try again another time.

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    Re: 10th Annual Cherohala Chill Out

    I'm not adding anything to your statement, but I wish you had hung around for dinner Saturday.


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