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Thread: A little info and a few questions.

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    A little info and a few questions.

    As some of you know I have a ’94 GL 1500. In august of last year outside of Whitefish, Montana the OEM voltage regulator went out and fried some of the electrics. I have removed and replaced some of the items so that the bike functions at a basic level; without any of the GoldWing niceties.

    This week I am purchasing a 2008 GL 1800 near Phoenix, Arizona.

    And now the questions:
    1. 2 years ago I purchased a custom made seat and it was placed on the ’94’s pan. Will it fit the 1800?
    2. I just put on new DUNLOP E-4’s with less than 5000 miles on them Are the tires the same size?
    3. The ideal plan would be to pick up the bike and ride it home, which sounds wonderful. The problem is right now I have 300 foot of sheet ice the serves as my driveway. The bike will be in a storage unit (alone) near Tombstone Az. and started Q2wks by a very good friend.

    If I can’t stand the anticipation would it be reasonable / smart to rent an open U-Haul MC trailer and cover the bike with a heavy MC cover and tow it the 1000 miles from Az. to Northern Idaho? “With a heavy cover” is the question.

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    Re: A little info and a few questions.

    The seat will not fit the 1800

    What size are the tires on the 94? 1800 tires are 130/70/18 front and 180/60/16 rear, I believe.

    Leave the bike uncovered on the trailer, the cover will damage the paint, I guarantee it. Easier to clean it than repaint it.If you do trailer it, slide 2 or 3 2x6's cross ways under the engine before you tie it down. It will be rock solid and won't move during the trip and won't compress the shocks.

    Do not start and let the bike run as condensation will be in the exhaust system, it's better to leave it sit unless it can be ridden long enough to get it good and warm. Congrats on the new bike!

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    Re: A little info and a few questions.

    1+ on the suggestion of Pooch.
    Definitely do not cover the bike during trailering.
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    Re: A little info and a few questions.

    As the others stated, definitely don't cover it. The uhaul trailer is pretty high sided, so you wont really have to worry about any sort of kick up damage, outside of the windshield maybe. I use 5 ratchet straps. Two pulling it forward, two pulling it rearward, and last I go across the seat....loop the side handle and tighten, across the seat, loop the other side handle handle and ratchet it down.
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    Re: A little info and a few questions.

    That is a no on the seat, and the tires are different sizes. We just hauled a new Wing from Ohio to South Dakota in the back of a Uhaul 15 foot box truck.. We used a Harbor Frt wheel chock with a bunch of ratchet straps and it arrived clean as a whistle.
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    Re: A little info and a few questions.

    Hi BIGBOB,
    I've been told that U-HAUL no longer has the hydraulic lift gates. Any problems getting it up the ramp.

    Not an idle question. Moving from Southern Calif to here the professional movers got the bike to the top of the ramp ready to go into the moving van and dumped the GL 1500 over the side. Not a pretty site!


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    Re: A little info and a few questions.

    I would definitely NOT rent a box truck for moving a bike if you have a reasonable tow vehicle. The cost for one. I mean, a buck a mile? No thanks. The trailer is what, 25, 50 bucks a day? In addition the trailer has a nice notch so you already have a built in chock, so don't have to buy one of those either. Now, if you dont have a vehicle that can tow 2500-3000 lbs...then obviously go the truck route. I did on my first bike purchase, but now having a vehicle that will tow....absolutely would get the trailer any day of the week.

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    Re: A little info and a few questions.

    As to the 15foot box Uhaul it worked well for my wife and I.
    We purchased a new Wing for my wife from a dealer in Ohio, We live in Alaska so we flew to Detroit, visited family in Michigan then drove a rental car to the Canton area to the dealership. We then rented the box truck not an open trailer partly due to the rental car was not equipped to tow and a blizzard was hitting the mid-west so they were spreading salt everywhere we went..... salt bad for new Wing
    We needed to haul it to her folks in South Dakota. I priced renting a tow vehicle and a trailer vs the box truck and they were only about 50 bucks different. The 15 foot box has a ramp, we had the dealer load the wing facing out so I could ride it down the ramp and not have to back it down. My inlaw's driveway is steep. It worked perfect. The bike was as shinny as it sat at the dealer, no highway salt slurry!

    If the inlaws had a flat driveway my plan would not work unless I used lumber to raise the end of the ramp to decrease the angle. If the dealer did not have a forklift that allowed us to back the wing in we could have not backed it down with the stock Uhaul ramp.

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    Re: A little info and a few questions.

    My daughter and son-in-law had moved to Pennsylvania (from Texas) a few years back. When he got transferred back to Texas, they asked us to drive their truck back. She was to come down with us following the truck with the two boys, while my wife and I drove the truck. He had to finish things up at work, but they didn't want to pay another month's rent for two weeks. My wife and I used it as an opportunity to do a cross country trip, planning to ride to Texas and put the bike in the back of the truck to tow it home. I planned on strapping the bike down, then arranging their belongings around it.

    Blake (the son-in-law) did me a favor, and had the box truck completely loaded with their belongings, with a very small area to store the bike. It was big enough, but barely. Their apartment was a converted warehouse that had a loading dock just the right size to load the bike. Getting it on the truck wasn't a problem, but getting it into the small storage area was. We got it done, but it really took some doing.

    We got back to Texas, and found a ramp that was the right height to unload. We got the bike off the truck, and found that some boxes had shifted, and rubbed the paint off a small area of the right saddlebag.

    Long story short, we would have been much better off renting a U-Haul trailer for $15 a day to pull the bike home. But we DID have a great trip (and were SO glad to have them back in Texas).

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