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Thread: How do we get guests to be members?

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    Re: How do we get guests to be members?

    Since starting this post am amazed at what I did not know. lol

    Thanks for the input. Hope this site continues to inform and be

    a place for motorcycle, camping people, to interact.

    Buttset from Mo.

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    Re: How do we get guests to be members?

    I don't really camp anymore, but I check this site almost every day. I always log in. What's the big deal with that anyway?
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    Re: How do we get guests to be members?

    Quote Originally Posted by Stalky Tracker View Post
    Ya, me too. I camped a lot more in the past and now only every now and then. I have received lots of good info here though and have enjoyed reading and following the posts, usually as a "guest". Just never a need to post. Really glad the site will continue.
    Glad you decided to come out of the shadows Stalky. Perhaps you can join us at one of the events this year.

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