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Thread: American Nomad

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    American Nomad

    I think most might find the YouTube Video very interesting.

    I really like what he says, what it takes to just live in a house, and pay
    for all bills that come with it, very eye opening I think.

    We are kind of nomads riding and camping. Some plan on giving up, their,
    four walls and camping for long periods of time. Most will never do this.

    Can you if you wanted to?

    Let me know if you like it.


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    Re: American Nomad

    Just finished watching this video. I must say it was very interesting!! Mike, I give it

    My take away from the video was that, most of these nomadic folks seemed happy. I do know that from my own camping motorcycle travels, that while being on the back roads of America I feel at peace with myself.


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    Re: American Nomad

    Mike, this was a terrific video...This Brit brings out the honest and raw "True Grit" of an untamed part of our society. The wife and I connected the laptop to the widescreen, broke out the popcorn and thoroughly enjoyed seeing a side of America that most never get to see. It appeared Richard (the Brit) might have had another person along assisting in the filming....seems there were scenes that would have been very difficult for him to have captured....Thanks Mike.

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    Re: American Nomad

    Thanks guys. I love the first part about all the bills we pay just to live. Kind of crazy when you think of it.

    I have been following, the Tiny House Movement, for a few years, One guy paid $1500, for a 1 bed apartment in LA.
    He said, I only was there, 6 pm to 6 am. Working to pay, for a bed, to sleep in. Bought a U-Haul Box Truck, with a tiny door,
    from the cab to back, between seats. Converted it into living space, solar on the roof. Camped on the weekends,
    drove out of town and saved on rent, and saved
    a lot of money.
    For 6 years, as my grandson, finished high school, we paid $1200 a month for 4 bed, 4 bath home, in Independence, Mo.
    That's $60,000. Just to keep him, in the same school district. Leased it, not buy it.
    So this cabin, I am building, has some of the Tiny House, things, I saw on YouTube, in it. 100's of video's on Tiny Houses.

    When we buy a home, and they say, you only have to, PAY, for 30 Years, and its yours, IT IS NUTS.

    I will have $25K in my cabin, and its mine. So at 71, I hope to have extra money, each month, to do anything I want. Wish me luck.
    Moving there in May.


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    Re: American Nomad

    Good luck. I am sure you will do fine from the looks of your cabin/tiny house. Sure did like the video.

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    Re: American Nomad

    He also wrote a book about this subject.

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