Buttset has two young grand kids, Leah, and Brady.
She is in the 3rd grade, Brady is in the 5th.

Over the holidays, I got the idea, to send them letters.
Kids know, email and text, but letters, are old time to them.
They never get them. So I sent a few, telling them stories of
my childhood, my grand parents, my brothers. They liked them a lot.

Leah sent me one back today, thanking me, for my letters to her.
They made her smile.

Favor: Member pointed something out, he made a good point. I changed my mind.

Thanks , our days of being on this board, may end soon. So keep me in mind.
Mike Morgan, 816-260-4531 email mlmorgan49@att.net Soon to be in Warsaw Mo.
Near Truman Lake.

Buttset from Mo.