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Thread: Gas How much in your State?

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    Re: Gas How much in your State?

    $2.50 here in western NY.


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    Re: Gas How much in your State?

    Last I bought was $1.94 a few days ago in Western KY.

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    Re: Gas How much in your State?

    Gas here in my part of S.W. Michigan is at $1.96 right now ... Don't know for how long ...

    I've done so much with so little for so long ... Now I can do nearly anything with almost nothing.


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    Re: Gas How much in your State?

    1.95 in Toledo

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    Re: Gas How much in your State?

    $1.43: Western PA

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    Re: Gas How much in your State?

    That’s $2.43! Sorry ��

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    Re: Gas How much in your State?

    2.46 in El Paso premium

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    Re: Gas How much in your State?

    Glad to see this come back

    OK most gas today was $1.74 as i went to the cabin today,

    only to see it has gone up to $1.93 at Quick Trip by my home...

    So its going up I am afraid....

    The wife is with her sisters she has 3, so all 4 are, in Gulf Shores Al. in Condo on the beach. For the month of Jan.

    They played Bingo today. One sister won two times $40 $50. Wife "O" lol

    They watched College Playoff tonight. One sister is a Clemson Fan big

    My wife knows more about football than some men... She watched her sons play 100's of games lol
    She used to correct some men she worked with as to who played on what team, they did not like it. lol

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    Re: Gas How much in your State?

    I live in Pennsylvania. The current governor, Pappy Wolf, has never seen a tax he didn't like, and seems to be constantly dreaming up new ones.
    But remember... It's for (sniff...tearing up here) the children/schools/younamewhatever tugs at votor's heartstrings. Awwww.

    Currently, regular is around $2.59, and that's a lot lower than it's been. I can find some stations @ $2.49. Mostly taxes.

    On a motorcycle, you don't feel it as much.
    In a car, it' a b**ch. Especially with a 60 mile round-trip commute to my office.

    When I'm traveling, luckily I'm not too far from the South and West State borders. I usually gas up when I cross over, coming and going, where the prices are significantly lower in the neighboring states.

    Don't get me wrong...I love living in Pennsylvania, but with retirement looming, my wife and I still are considering skedaddling.
    I don't need a compass to know which way the wind shines.

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    Re: Gas How much in your State?

    $1.85 around here

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