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Thread: SPAM fetish

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    Re: SPAM fetish

    Quote Originally Posted by Hoovooloo View Post
    The key, in my opinion, is to keep the slices thin. Thicker slices don't crisp up like bacon does...
    Yes, that's what I was thinking too. I'll try that tomorrow.
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    Re: SPAM fetish

    OK, that does it. I'm headed to Safeway Honolulu to get some Spam and I'm making Spam Lettuce Tomato sandwiches for dinner. Get that cast iron skillet out and fry up some Spam. Sounds like a plan. Spam-Plan.

    Fresh Lettuce, Ripe Juicy Tomatoes, and.... this is key for me.... Fresh Chibatta rolls. Fry up that Spam, lightly toast the Chibatta rolls, a little Mayo and then the Lettuce and Tomato. Whew. I may have two.

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    Re: SPAM fetish

    Quote Originally Posted by Hoovooloo View Post
    Do you cook it or eat it as it comes out of the can?
    Normally I brown it a bit slowly to heat it all the way through, but I have eaten it straight out of the can with mustard on a bun.

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    Re: SPAM fetish

    Quote Originally Posted by bvail View Post
    Maybe I'll try the Portagee sausage (chorizo). Sounds pretty interesting. I used to buy Churizo subs when I was in Newport good.
    Think you'll find it more Mexican style then the dried european suasages.
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    Re: SPAM fetish

    Got a can of Black Pepper Spam last night.
    First timer... I'll report back here.

    On the other hand, I also got 9 lbs. of Untrimmed Tri Tip and made some awesome hamburger grind out of it.
    Going on the BBQ tonight with Pretzel Buns. Wooohoooo.


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    Re: SPAM fetish

    I fried up a little turkey spam as a snack today. I ate it on toast with cheese and mayo. yum. That would make a great lunch stop while on the road. It only took about 10 min to set up and fry it. A quick wipe of the pan and I'm good to go.

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    Re: SPAM fetish


    Fried Spam is a little slice of heaven.

    Speaking of little;
    I have a little 8" cast iron Lodge Frying Pan and an 8" Lodge Dutch Oven that I bought specifically for the bike. Yes, they weight about 100 times more than a titanium cook set, but the extra weight is worth it to me depending on where I am going. Cast iron on the trail is awesome. Great for frying up just about anything once they are seasoned, including Spam.


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