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Thread: SPAM fetish

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    Re: SPAM fetish

    Quote Originally Posted by bvail View Post
    Holy Cow! or maybe Holy Pig. What a spam lover's cornucopia of strange renditions!
    Here's the version I have on my desk.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: SPAM fetish

    Spam cookoff might be fun. But its too salty for me like a lot of other foods as well.
    There is a Spam Museum in Austin Minnesota.
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    Re: SPAM fetish

    I have to admit, I enjoy spam. We keep our pantry stocked, incase we get snowed in for a week or so, and always include a few cans of spam, a can of spam, can make a quick easy meal when you get to a campground late, and have to set up after dark, and they do have a low salt version.
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    Re: SPAM fetish

    Mac and Spam for dinner tonight. Low sodium version.
    My bride grew up in Austin MN where they make it. Her dad worked for Hormel back in the 1980's. We have been to the Spam Museum too.
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    Re: SPAM fetish

    Quote Originally Posted by Tourit View Post
    It's funny you say that. When I grocery shop for a trip....I see the spam on the store shelf and consider buying a can or two, knowing it would probably last forever or be good in an emergency. But then the thought passes.....and I find the sardines... B.
    Try this... pick up a can of the bacon flavor. slice it into strips the size and thickness of a stick of gum. pan fry on a med heat until it looks like cooked bacon. pat with paper towel to remove unwanted fat and salt. eat with pancakes and syrup or eggs and veggies. if you don't want to try it out on the trail, then make it some morning at home. I've tried out about six cans of various flavors at home and come up with a handful of recipes that I will take with me on the road.
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    Re: SPAM fetish

    Quote Originally Posted by Hoovooloo View Post
    Do you do anything to the SPAM or just cube it and mix it in as is? The taste is a little too mushy and squishy without cooking it somehow.

    I was thinking i might try crumbling it up like hamburger and doing something with that.
    Cook the noodles then add the Spam in cubes or small slices. I like fried spam on toast sammiches too.

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    Re: SPAM fetish

    I will be abstaining from participating in any Spam tastings or cook offs! Another option is jerky bacon. I have found it recently and it is pretty good!

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    Re: SPAM fetish

    Take Spam and cut it long slices, fry it up and eat it with yellow label syrup and peanut butter mix. It just something about the spam flavor and the sweetness of the peanut butter and syrup mix. I think I have some for breakfast in the morning... Yummm! On second though, maybe Spam and Cheese eggs!

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    Re: SPAM fetish

    I don't particularly love spam however I it cooks up fast & easy. I slice a can into about 12 pieces brown it in a pan then freeze it for breakfast I also carry a couple of cans on the bike. Your gonna hate this but I put some in my instant Oat meal when I'm camping not much mess to clean up.

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    Re: SPAM fetish

    For slicing Spam I bought and took apart a hard boiled eggs slicers and kept only the wire side for my kitchen kit. Takes up very little room and slices a whole can in one motion for the perfect slice of Spam.

    SPAM got to love it!
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