Any suggestions on how to find used cargo trailers on the internet? Basically I am looking for suggestions for key search words. One person I think gave me good advice and said try pulling a trailer before buying a pop-up trailer.

I already know how to do nationwide searches on Craigslist. My frustration is any general phrases that I have tried either pull up thousands of trailers or nothing, such as "Motorcycle Cargo Trailer". Searches for ads with all words brought up 2500 hits just in Northern Oregon and Washington, and since I am willing to go up to 1000 miles so I would need to go through tens of thousands. Searches for that exact phrase brought up one. I can find a few trailers if I use the specific model, such as I found a few MCTXL's down in Florida (not useful since I live in Oregon). But I refuse to believe for example there are no Mini-Trailers for sale anywhere.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.