Looks like this forum is just what I needed to research options for a trailer.

Two years ago I bought a tent I can stand in and a cot. I love it, especially after sleeping many months in smaller tents on forest fires. I only used it for a total of about 8 nights car camping locally since I sold my motorcycle just before I bought the tent.

I recently bought a 2016 Can-Am Spyder and realized I can tow a small trailer. I always had two large saddle bags and a large top case on my motorcycles. Though with a luggage rack I can carry two dry bags on the Spyder instead of one, the saddle bags are so small that I do not have significantly more storage than on motorcycles. For that reason I am undecided between buying a small cargo trailer or buying a pop-up tent trailer. I want to be able to carry my tent, cot, regular folding chair .... or spend some more money and be able to set things up in a fraction of the time.

Hope you don't mind me asking questions.