I purchased a used 2015 Lees-ure lite excel a few months back and couldn't be happier! Tows like a dream, very comfortable, surprisingly roomy, and is super fast to set up. But, the folks I bought it from towed it with a small SUV so they didn't buy the storage pod or the rear under-chassis storage box since they didn't need the space. However, they did buy two awnings and the deluxe add-a-room along with most of the other options. Since I travel solo I am not cramped for storage, but I really like the quick set up feature of the LL and didn't like moving all the extra stuff off the bed every time I stopped for the night and then repack it every morning.

The storage pod and under chassis storage box are fairly expensive from Lees-ure Lite, even with the favorable currency exchange rate. So, I started doing some looking around. A few folks use a poly storage box from Tractor Supply that sets on the tongue. But, it is taller than I wanted and weighs more than I expected. After a bit more research I came across the Better Built storage box that mounts on the tongue. It is the perfect height for my needs and is fairly light weight so I don't put a lot of additional tongue weight on the hitch (I tow with a 2014 TriGlide using a KhromeWerks hitch). Plus, it is low enough that I can easily get at the top latch of the camper top. A bit more research and I found one at Rural King for $150 with free shipping. Perfect! I did have to fabricate a couple of angle brackets to support the back edges of the box on the corners, but that was a simple task.

I still have to figure out how I am going to store the awning poles, but I think a six inch piece of thin wall PVC pipe under the rear chassis will do the trick.

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Ping me if you have any questions.