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On my very first motorcycle trip, we stopped at a motel on I-40 west of Nashville, we parked right outside the room door. I put a cover on our bike, the couple we were traveling with didn't have one, someone stole everything they could get from his bike, exposed rolls of film, his maps, cigarettes, underwear, even the pad for his tank bag. They never touched mine. And once while riding the Blueridge Parkway, we pulled off to a motel, I had a 91 Goldwing with a sidecar, again parked right outside the room door, when we came out in the morning, the cover was gone, and someone took a couple of the snap on sidecovers. You just never know who may want something on your bike. Then again after about 65 years of camping, I have left all kinds of camping equipment in tents, and have never had anything stolen, other than a raccoon stealing my donuts a couple of times.
That truly is a shame. We sent up tent in Sturgis a few years back in one of the campgrounds and then took off to ride a few days around Yellowstone and such. Came back after 3-4 days and nothing was touched. I am sure it is a matter of time before something happens.