Hello everyone I am new to this forum. I have been planning on riding to Alaska this year from my home in Western Pennsylvania. I have read lots of great threads and picked up much needed info and I thank you guys for this but I now want your opinion on how long should my trip be. My buddy and I work so I realize some don't have a time table for an adventure such as this but in our case we do and I am a long way off from retirement. I don't see many threads on how many days and how many miles that was put on during a trip to Alaska. I have done many 2 week trips in the lower 48 and even one trip to Nova Scotia so I have some trip experience but realize this trip is gonna be different. I know there can be many factors that can alter a long trip like this but you have to start somewhere in planning, right? Mapquest tells me it is 4,000 from my town to Fairbanks Alaska. So 8,000 round trip and I am figuring on adding another 2,000, this makes 10,000 miles and my target time is 30 days for the trip. This gives me a 300 mile a day average to get there and back. I am hoping this is enough time to stop and do some sight seeing, after all this is one reason why we are doing this. For anyone who has done the trip I would be interested in hearing your comments. Planning on leaving May 25 and returning the weekend of June 23-24, going to be tenting it and neither of us will be pulling a trailer which should allow for better traveling.