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Thread: Looking for an Aliner Alite 400

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    Re: Looking for an Aliner Alite 400

    I've been inside one of those Aliner Alites.. even set up for a queen there is a pretty big air gap by the door.. has to be or you couldn't get 'out' of bed. The inside space of the Aliner is about that of a good size closet so a 5K ac unit would cool that space down pretty darn good. You may not feel 'the breeze' blowing on you from it, but I don't think you'd have to worry about not feeling the chill.

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    Re: Looking for an Aliner Alite 400

    We added a fantastic vent fan to ours and it kept it plenty cool. When we went to the west coast we kept the bed made up all the time except for the area right in front of the door. We traveled all day everyday so really only used it to sleep in. I really struggled with the decision to sell it but Clint didn't want to continue to have the option of camping with two or three wheels and it was too much for two wheels.

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