Big mistake to tie the wife to such a monstrous plan even if only in Jello. She should always have an out without feeling she would let you down or ruin your trip. When my wife and I did it we tent camped all 30 days/ 11,000 miles but we always had an out so she never felt any pressure to continue to achieve any goal of mine. We didn't even call it our Alaska trip until we got home.

The mistake is to set a final destination as a goal and plan anything more than 3 days out; divide it into reasonable chunks and do most of the planning on the road. We said our trip was west to Banff and once we got there we would go on if we were having fun and otherwise head home. Once at Baniff we said we'd go to Dawson Creek and again make the "still having fun" decision there. Next decision points Whitehorse, Anchorage, then Fairbanks and Dawson City. We went up the Alcan and back the Cassier. If it was raining someplace we went someplace else. We often changed the route after talking to people along the road; we never would have done the Whittier Tunnel and other interesting stops otherwise. We had a great time when some of the other couples we talked to were miserable.