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Thread: Backing up trailer

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    Re: Backing up trailer

    Quote Originally Posted by dkurfiss View Post
    Yeah my older brother who backed semi's all his working life into the docks at the meat packing plant, laughed his butt off when I was trying to back my MM into his garage. I finally got off and told him to just STFU and do it....10 attempts later we unhooked and backed it up by hand together
    HaHa... Yeah, backing a trailer with a bike is a whole new monster. I drove truck for a living myself but trying to balance the bike and see where the trailer was going sure was a learning experience.
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    Re: Backing up trailer

    My mirrors are handlebar mounted so they are useless in watching the trailer while backing. I can do it without making a fool of myself about 1 out of 10 tries. I simply look for a pull thru or take two spots in a parking lot with the bike pointed out.

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    Re: Backing up trailer

    So far, I have not had any problems backing up my trailer with my Goldwing. I do not use the reverse unless I planned poorly and parked nose downhill. Like a trailer with a cage, a short axle to hitch distance, exaggerates the correcting steering adjustments. Small and easy, works for me..... so far......
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