Thanks for all the links Msrvpeig. One of the links Msrvpeig sent me was just a couple hrs away and the price seemed to be good. Last night after work Granny and I drove to Columbus ,we got there at 9 pm. Late for us after getting up at 4:30 and 5am all week and me working 12 hrs Friday. The camper is a 2003 leesure lite excel ,in good shape from what we could tell last night. It came with factory mattress,memory foam mattress, awning,screen room ,and enclosed room,storage pod on tongue. The enclosed room and screen room do not appear to have ever been used and more then likely I may never use them as well. When we motor camp,most of the time we move from place to place every day or so. I will check it out better today,it's still loaded in the truck . We got home last night at midnight. I will have Granny post some pics when we get it unloaded and opened up. Thanks again for all the links.