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Thread: Also; places i have not ridden, (or shouldn’t have)

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    Re: Also; places i have not ridden, (or shouldn’t have)

    Mine was several years ago. H-58 from Grand Marais to Munising along the Pictured Rocks Lakeshore in Michigan's UP, the map said it was a improved gravel road, started out in sand dunes, and went down hill from there, while on a Gold Wing. Went down twice, twisted my right ankle so bad that I couldn't take my boot off. We have been back a couple of times since, it is a beautiful black topped road now, love it.
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    Re: Also; places i have not ridden, (or shouldn’t have)

    I wrote this on the Wild Guzzi forum back in 2010. I was into Guzzis then and was riding a Norge 1200. I came across it this morning and I just thought I’d share a memory.

    Yesterday, I had to get out and ride by myself for a while. I’ve got a lot on my mind, right now, and I needed to put things in perspective. Usually a day long ride helps me to sort things out.
    I just ended my job that I hated. Even though I hated that job, I felt bad about leaving, and it was weighing heavily on my mind. I had accomplished a lot there, and I have quite a few friends there and leaving was a very bittersweet experience.
    Although I interviewed at two different places, and one interviewer told me they would hire me, I don’t know if they will. I’ve seen many promised jobs disappear over the years, for one reason or another. I also have a hard time with job interviews. They really stress me out.
    Also, our 19 year old daughter has her tonsils out last Tuesday, and she’s been suffering with the pain; and that’s distressing to be around. My wife took the week off to care for her, but it’s emotionally tough on her watching her baby suffer.
    Then, there is the T-shirt fiasco. What started as a fun project turned into one of those nightmares where you try to run, but even at maximum effort, you can barely move?
    The capper was when we finally got the shirts from the printer, after a month of delays, unreturned calls and revisions, we were short a few sizes, and had extra of others. So I had to send out e-mails telling a few folks they wouldn’t get what they ordered.
    So yesterday morning, I got on the Norge and headed west on Rt. 2. I decided to ride up to Vermont and visit the graves of Bill and Lois Wilson. That usually helps me to put things in order, and gives me a solid starting point to focus on.
    I saw a lot of BMWs on Rt. 2, probably returning from the Heath Rally, and I also saw one group of five Guzzis. I recognized two 1200 Sports and a red Eldorado, but I couldn’t make out what the others were. I felt a little regret that I hadn’t made it to the rally, but sometimes life is what happens while you were busy making other plans. I was busy mailing shirts, buying groceries and doing other errands on Saturday, and couldn’t get away.
    Anyway, after I missed Vermont Rt. 30 and went almost 50 miles out of my way (in Vermont, this can be a good thing; they build beautiful roads), I got to the graveyard. I said a short prayer, talked about my situation (it always helps to talk it out) and inspected some of the medallions that folks had left behind. Then I decided to get some lunch. I rode down to Bennington and ate at the Blue Benn Diner. It’s one of my favorite spots. They make great everything. I was in a Comfort Food frame of mind, so I kept it simple. A cheeseburger with fried onions and mushrooms and a side of fries with gravy on them, and coffee to drink. After the ride, the Visit and the lunch, I was starting to unwind.
    Since it was only early afternoon, and I was close to North Adams, I decided that I would try to find the West Portal of the Hoosac Tunnel. I’ve been casually looking for it for a couple of years, and I had a good idea where it was at, so I went where I thought it would be. I turned off Rt.8, and went up a narrow dirt road, and a short distance in, I saw Railroad tracks. I have a bad ankle that really hurts a lot when I walk over broken ground, so rather than park the bike and walk along the tracks, I decided to follow the dirt road and see if I could get closer. The road turned into a very rocky track within 100 feet. and I figured I’d better turn around and get out of there before I got in trouble. It was when I tried to turn around that I dropped the bike. It was lying on its left side, and the (full) gas tank was lower than the tires. I tried picking it up using the MSF recommended method, but I could only get it up about a foot, and then my feet would lose traction. I tried everything I could think of for a half hour, but all I succeeded in doing was exhausting myself in the heat. Finally, I had to admit defeat, and walked away to find help. There was a family walking up the road as I was walking down, and they helped me pick up the bike, and after thanking them, rode it back down the track to where I could assess the damage.
    The fairing is gouged pretty badly, the saddlebag lid was cratered in about three inches, and scarred to hell, but incredibly, the plastic returned to its proper shape by itself. However, the metal mounting bracket that the front of the bag locks to is bent. The only way to keep the bag on the bike was to use a Roc strap.
    It was a bad idea to go up that trail on a road bike; and I know better than to do such a dumb thing, but my thinking processes haven’t been functioning as well as they might, lately. Stress does that to me.
    Now, I’ll have to give Liberty Mutual a call and find out what I need to do to put in a claim.
    The good news is that now I know exactly where to go to find the West Portal of the Hoosac Tunnel.
    The bad news is my stress level is every bit as high as it was before the ride.
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