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Thread: The 2018 Goldwing looks like a winner!

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    Re: The 2018 Goldwing looks like a winner!

    I wonder what the trike converters and sidecar folks are going to do to lighten the steering, looks like we won't be able to just change triple trees to change rake or trail. They may have to go to a leading link setup. I like every thing else about the new GW, reduced weight would be helpful with my bad knees, DCT would help with my hand, wrist problems, now if they would give them away, I might be able to afford one. LOL On the GW weight restrictions, I believe that it has mostly been a rear tire capacity thing, that a run flat car tire can cure.
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    Re: The 2018 Goldwing looks like a winner!

    Is this going to kill resale values of "gently used" 12s-15s? Mine's an 08 and probably would have to pay someone to take it off my hands, not that I am planning to part ways with it....I like the "old stuff" and as attractive as this new one appears, I think it would be too hi-teckie for me...lot of stuff would require quite a bit of refresher training. But, I do believe it will have big appeal factor for a lot of folks that have waited over a dozen years for this type of change for the "old girl." I would really love to take that new engine, lighter weight and DCT for a spin around the block though, she sure is a pretty thing.

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    Re: The 2018 Goldwing looks like a winner!

    Quote Originally Posted by mailman01 View Post
    Is this going to kill resale values of "gently used" 12s-15s?
    Um, yeah.

    Kinda saw this coming, so the into price I had on my 2006 was low, but not a nibble.

    Wrong time of year to sell, unless you're in an area where riding is still possible all year 'round.

    Of course, I still have Cycle Trader, eBay, and other forums to post it on - eventually.
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