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I have the Kingdom 6 with the garage I use for camping with the wife and a grandkid or two. Plenty of room especially with the garage. Weak in storm conditions with 25/30+ mph winds unless you tie out the rainfly really well. It has a big profile for gusty winds from the side particularly with the garage addded.
I've had a Kingdom 6 for a while and agree with Catskinner. I have used it for up to 30 days at a time and never a problem. I also find that it needs good tying down to upgraded stakes for heavy winds but I've had it up in 45 knot winds and just added cross tied lines on stakes centered between the normal stake locations on the sides and had no problem.

I love the high center and the very steep sides as it makes for a monstrous amount of usable space. Mine isn't the newer style with the garage, only an add on vestibule.