Went out to dinner last night and REI is located right next door so my after dinner walk included a tour of the store. The had an REI Kingdom 4 on display. I was amazed at how much more actual room was available than in in my REI Camp Dome 4

There was a full size cot and chair inside and there was still room for me to stand up, change clothing, and actually walk around in the tent. I have to assume it is because of the difference in how the walls are shaped that make the difference. There is only 21 inches difference in the floor space but it seems like a whole lot more.

I was so impressed I asked if I could take it down and put it back up. Being only 5'2" tall some tents are a real PITA to put up/take down. Not this one. I was able to take it down, put it in the sacks, and put it back up in under 25 minutes.

So does anyone have the Kingdom 4 or 6? What is your real world take on it?