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Thread: Aspen Classic hinge help

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    Aspen Classic hinge help

    Last year I took my Classic to the Aspen shop in Illinois to get the hinges replaced because they had pulled through the rivets. They said it is common to happen when they get some age on them (2004 Model). They replaced them with a new version of the hinge and used bolts instead of rivets. This year I was checking things out and the front hinge was split almost 3/4 through the 90 degree bend length ways. I rewelded it and started to put it on. The bolt that acts as the pivot did not want to go on. It naturally wanted to be 1/2" toward the center. This is what caused the bracket to split. The lock side of the trailer all lined up and seemed to fit together until the bracket split.

    My problem now is which side is right? Can someone tell me how their outside brackets line up compared to the fiberglass. The original side hangs over 1/2", the problem side now is even. Either my bed boards aren't square or the basement is out of square.

    If you can send pictures that would be great.


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    Re: Aspen Classic hinge help

    You might take a look at this thread
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