Hello motocampers. My wife and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary on a camping trip to Oregon. We stayed a few days at the Ukiah - Dale State Park just south of Ukiah OR. This time we actually had our bike with us, though we did trailer it. I was only able to ride it around the campground twice, once during unloading it from the trailer and once before loading it back on the trailer. Due to heavy rains and snowing in the mountains between Ukiah and Granite, we chose to drive the cage instead. It turned out to be a wise choice due to the snowfall. Anyway, we really enjoyed the campground, supplies are somewhat available in Ukiah. The campground has running water, but no showers that I was able to find. Will definitely stay that again due to the location and price($10 per night).

Photos coming, once I find a better hosting site.

Dennis & Heather