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Thread: Transmoto bimmer sidecar

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    Re: Transmoto bimmer sidecar

    I think riding off road a leading link would help steer better, at least mine steers nice.

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    Re: Transmoto bimmer sidecar

    I'm new to driving a hack so I don't know if my rig steers hard compared to another off road rig. The older sidecars have Earls front ends for a reason. I'm of German ancestry, pragmatic and looking for a pair of BENT Fork tubes at the salvage yards. I can use them to make a set of Earls Forks. Also looking for a spare rear end with 37/11 gears from a R80. My area has a wide variety of roads and high crowns. I will probably make an electric trim for the sidecar suspension. An electric winch is a must have item of dual purpose as it will pull the rig onto the flatbed or out of the sand. A trailer hitch to pull the Minimate.....

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    Re: Transmoto bimmer sidecar

    I don't do much back roads gravel and dirt try to keep that down to just few miles as my Harley only has one wheel drive not like the ural with 2 wheels
    I have rode up and down he beach few time with little to no problems
    The biggest thing I found was getting the lean angle just right took me several trys to get this right. I have the Harley side car manual and some other document that tell you how to do this
    once I got it right the handling of bike with the hack is much less work
    Its not 2 wheels or even a trike so it took some getting used to don't do like I did and ride 400 miles with the lean angle wrong its not fun

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    Re: Transmoto bimmer sidecar

    It's trimmed out to the point of no pull on regular good straight line pavement. Percentage of off road to on pavement might be 25% dirt trails not even gravel and 75% pavement. The thing is I have a 1/2 mile of real dirt trails everytime I leave my driveway. So I can say * I ride in the dirt everytime I ride, well, now it's drive. * I'm getting better in deep sand at the bottom of the hill. Not harder or easier than with 2 wheels.

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    Re: Transmoto bimmer sidecar

    Looks good. Changing the rake of your front end makes for easier steering I guess it changes the trail also. I didn't modify the triple tree on my Victory. It steers a bit hard but nothing a body can't get used to. Bikergal, you can add a hack to just about any motorcycle. If you don't have a full frame to attach to you have to add subframes to attach the bike and car together. The only subframe I needed on the Victory (it has a full frame) was a solid piece of steel that attached to existing holes for engine mounts and right front footpeg. This gave me the "meat" to attach the lower support tubes to. I have a big Transmoto sidecar with an aluminum tub. I used the whole width of the sidecar frame for stability. My rig is almost as wide as a car.
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    Re: Transmoto bimmer sidecar

    Biker gal, I looked for this particular style of sidecar for many reasons. German, Old school, metal, ww2 replica..... There's no end of different sidecars. Mine was not the least expensive but fit my needs. Call someone who sells and installs them. Bob Wark in Ohio loves to talk and hates to type. Beemmeup and I both bought ours from him. I have no connection to him or his business.

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    Re: Transmoto bimmer sidecar

    Thank you so much for the info...I will give Bob a call...enjoy your ride...
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    Re: Transmoto bimmer sidecar

    Biker gal, This is a subframe for my r100gs.
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    Re: Transmoto bimmer sidecar

    Cool...are you building another?

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    Re: Transmoto bimmer sidecar

    No.....The subframe is usually custom made. I'm an accomplished fabricator. It is good to get the sidecar installed by the dealer. That way you have a dependable mating and the dealer can confidently warranty the completed rig. I took on the assembly because I planned on modifing from the beginning. I no longer fabricate for others but if while you're traveling show up in my yard with a broken frame, well,,,,,things get repaired good enough to get you home. Nobody is ever stranded at my house.

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