I'd like to share a few words about Singing Hills outside of Mammoth Cave in Cave City, KY...

Here's the venue's website: http://www.singinghillsrvpark.com/

Unfortunately I didn't take pictures, but there are some on the website. The owners are very nice, and were very accommodating to our needs. I was out with the COG group and we camped in the 'primitive' area. There was a single pole with power and water hookup in the area, which was all we needed. While I would have enjoyed having our electric blanket on, it was just fine without it. I carried large 10,000mAH batteries for scala and phone charging, so power was not a necessity. It was cool during the evening hours so we didn't even need a fan.

There is a bit of light pollution from Louisville, and there is a pretty good amount of road noise from the state road that the park is on as well as highway 65 within 3 miles. It's not the quietest if that's what you're looking for. I woke up around 430a to take a look at the stars, and while there was some light pollution like I mentioned, the star gazing was incredible.

Anyhow, the place is great and on my to-return list. They have slots of all sizes, but honestly the corner where we camped in the primitive section was perfect. It was literally the furthest you could get from the bathroom, so waking up always yielded a bee-line to take a whiz. If it were a bit cooler, I would have definitely got one of the small electric spots that would fit my time-out perfectly. I always hate having a 30ft site, with my tiny trailer. The bath house was cleaned several times a day and the folks around the campgrounds were very friendly. Didn't seem like there were any permanent 'residents' outside of the owners.

Activities are a plenty if you don't insist on riding. We went to the corvette museum, and the railway park and train museum. Corvette museum was 10 bucks, and the Railway park museum was 12. Both pretty well worth it. I really enjoyed the train park and getting a tour of the 100 year old train.

Anyhow, check it out if you're in western kentucky.