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Thread: Ozark Trails 8 Person Instant Tent

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    Ozark Trails 8 Person Instant Tent

    I purchased an Ozark Trails 8 person Instant tent a while back and finally got a chance to take a trip earlier this spring and use it. It is a super fast and easy setup. There sure is a lot of room in it. However, one thing I noticed and was a little surprised. As the sun would rise in the morning, as soon as it hit the tent (or just the rain fly), that tent would heat up in about 30 seconds!

    I would open the windows and door flaps and take whatever breeze came in, but if I did not have a fan, that tent would stay warm. I suppose I could have strung a tarp over it to cut down the sun, but that kinda defeats the point I think? Thoughts?

    Pics when I first got it to check initial setup:

    Camping at Saughteries KOA near Kingston, NY this past spring:

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    Re: Ozark Trails 8 Person Instant Tent

    Nice looking tent. Seems like you have room for the whole family.
    When selecting a campsite I give some thought to sunrise and
    sunset. I try to position my rig in a shady location when it's possible.
    Even with shade last weekend I needed a fan.

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    Re: Ozark Trails 8 Person Instant Tent

    Nice looking tent and WING. From looking at the pics, it seems that the rain fly is close to the top of the tent, almost restricting air flow. Just guessing. I might want to take along a large, thin tarp to put over the tent and if large enough, it becomes a covered awning. Might help solve your problem. Of course weight is always a factor in deciding what to take/bring along.

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    Re: Ozark Trails 8 Person Instant Tent

    I have the exact tent and love it. I found as I got older I need head room to stand up straight and I used a 21" high queen blow up mattress, it was an awesome set up and I loved it. The only issue I had with the tend was when it rained, the rain fly over the front door dropped water just below midway on the door, causing water to wick in through the zipper or cotton thread used on the zipper. Wasn't gallons of water, but it was enough to always have a puddle in the lowest corner of the tent. Set up and tear down was a breeze however and it was one of the only tents I ever owned that I could roll it up tight enough to actually fit back into the zippered bag that it came in.
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