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Thread: Sleeping Advice Please

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    Re: Sleeping Advice Please

    I have a down throw that snaps up the side and use it as a bag liner, lowers the temp rating by 20 degrees. I also use base layer thermals and down booties

    I think the booties are the best first investment.
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    Re: Sleeping Advice Please

    I've filled in the white spaces!!! Now what?

    Fill in the rest of the white spaces, then start over!
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    Re: Sleeping Advice Please

    We have King sized sleeping bags from Cabela's. One is a 3 lb fill and one is a 4 lb fill. We also use fleece sheets inside the bags as the bags are to big to wash in our laundry and we don't like going to laundramats in our area. We don't zip up the bags to the top as then we get to warm. We have been in West Yellowstone when the temp got down to 36 or so all 3 nights. Not to bad in the bags, but then we also have a small electric heater in our Aspen Classic that keeps it around 45-50 f. Don't like it to warm as then we cook and don't feel like getting up and getting going.

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