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Thread: Little Guy Pod? Anyone?

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    Re: Little Guy Pod? Anyone?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bluetick View Post
    I wouldn't think the extra (less then) hundred pounds would be that big of a deal with a trike. Does a trike seem too heavy compared to a two wheel bike?
    I don't think that it's to heavy to pull...I have an old trike with the hydraulic brakes......I would worry about stopping it...I try my best to keep my aspen as light as I can...I would love to have a newer trike but I think this old 1989 is going to last longer than me !!!!

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    Re: Little Guy Pod? Anyone?

    Quote Originally Posted by mr.scootinn View Post
    What Us the tongue weight loaded? To me tongue weight & stopping the most important ! they are heavy for sure 55! tongue weight but could add a rack in back and get tongue weight even lighter! I like about 35lb-The big advantage I see is ,full in closement from elements & no set up so you could actually use a Wal-Mart,truck stops rest area while traveling!
    This is what we measured with our RAH using mechanical bathroom scales:

    Trailer Empty
    Tongue 39
    Right Wheel 216
    Left Wheel 210
    Total Weight 465

    Trailer with screen room & awning
    Tongue 40
    Right Wheel 247
    Left Wheel 232
    Total Weight 519

    Our RAH has some options that add to the weight:
    Cooler rack
    Spare tire
    Aluminum wheels
    Chrome center caps
    Mud flaps
    Carpeted dressing area
    Sprayed interior fiberglass cover
    Electric brakes

    Never ever believe the weight quoted or listed for any RV or any kind of trailer. I think all the manufacturers weigh them somewhere about half-way through the assembly process. Every single option always adds to the quoted/spec weight. I bet just the "sprayed interior fiberglass cover" option adds 10 or 20 lbs alone. I know the steel cooler rack is not very light because I held it when I had it off.

    We tow with a Spyder that is rated for 40 lbs tongue and 400 lbs trailer weight. The electric brakes have not been connected but I should do that. With our camping stuff in/on the RAH is has towed OK so far, we just take it easy.

    And remember folks, it's not whether you can pull that certain trailer, it's all about whether you can tow that certain trailer with your vehicle!
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    Re: Little Guy Pod? Anyone?

    I haven't weighed my new ('17) RAH but it "FEELS" lighter then the old ('11) I had before or at least it seems to pull easier so I guess it tows fine with the Harley. Maybe it's just all in my mind...
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