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Thread: Initial Cost of Camping..

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    Re: Initial Cost of Camping..

    Welcome BigBird! Glad you found us. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask - You'll definitely fit in here.

    Be well and Ride Safe!
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    Re: Initial Cost of Camping..

    Bigbird..Welcome to the campfire...lot of good information available here..some folks have about done it all and are very eager and willing to share their experiences.

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    Re: Initial Cost of Camping..

    Wow...has this post brought back some memories. When I was a little boy...long time ago, my parents & other family members would all get together for squirrel season. Mom would make me a bed in the back seat floor board...sister got the seat. Either that or me and sister would sleep in the back of grandads old Nash. Man that thing had room.
    After getting out of Marines (1968) I started camping again with an old heavy canvas cabin tent. Lots of room. Spent many a bad weather in that old tent. Deer season saw lots of snowy weekends. Finally rotted away. Next came Off road adventures....New canvas cabin tent...this time it had a screened in porch, but lot less room. It finally rotted away too.
    Now we've come to MC camping and I think it's a hoot!!!! Lots of new friends from all walks of life...fellow veterans and war stories to lie

    Anyway, gear wise I still have almost all of it, although I've had to modernize to some extent. Some of the big heavy stuff is stored in loft of garage, but I use it when the power goes out and I need to make coffee or fix some eggs. Canvas on cots is shot, but frames still good.

    Thanks Mom & Dad, for letting me experience the outdoors and camping at it's finest. slept on top of table under a piece of heavy canvas. The good ole days...Amen

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    Re: Initial Cost of Camping..

    Quote Originally Posted by LandRover View Post
    I, too, was in the Boy Scouts as a kid. Eagle, hoo-rah! Unfortunately, as I got older, and moved into the "adult" world, I forgot all the fun of tenting.

    Recently, it occured to me that I was spending way too much for hotels. Even cheap places were adding up quickly. I try to go out at least once per month, for a night or two, and once or twice per year on a multi-night trip. At this rate, money was evaporating fast ....

    I had a tent and sleeping bag banging around in storage. I dusted them off, and put them back into service. I'm loving this! I look forward to a days ride, then goofing around a campfire in the evening. Whether I ride alone, or with a friend, I always meet new folks at the campsites. I enjoy much more interaction when in the wilds.

    If the weather is completely buggered, I'll hit a hotel; otherwise, look for me in the tentsites!
    Hah, Boy Scouts. I just recently did a stint as a Commissioner and at 14 I got my Eagle and Order of the Arrow.

    I remember the jamboree in the Appalachian Mountains up in western Maryland (almost to WV/Ohio) when we got snowed in. Went to sleep in our tent with the snow gently falling, woke up with a foot of snow inside the tent and outside it was 2-3 feet deep. We had to dig the fire ring out and fortunately the embers actually stayed hot enough to re-ignite with a little TLC.

    We all managed to get some bacon and eggs made for breakfast, but even our Scoutmaster's GMC couldn't move in that stuff. So he used the CB (no cell phones back in the dark ages) to relay off someone in Cumberland MD, and eventually got the Army National Guard. About 4 hours later a couple deuce and a half trucks with chains on came plowing through the snow and picked us all up. I heard later one of them went back and towed the GMC and a couple other "trucks" out.

    Back then, it was all one big adventure. Today, it would be life threatening.
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