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    Wheel Bounce

    Just got back from a 10 day trip with my new Aspen Camper pulled by my GL1800. The Guys going with me stated that my left wheel was bouncing on bumps and the right seemed to be hugging the road as designed. Anyone have or had this issue? Apsen doesn't have shocks only torsion bars......Any ideas?

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    Re: Wheel Bounce

    Was this all the time, or only every once in a while? It could simply be that one (or both) wheel is unbalanced or out-of-round.

    I bought a small Teardrop style trailer a few months back (I've since sold it). I went to pick it up with my smart car, since I didn't have a hitch on my motorcycle yet.

    On residential streets the trailer was fine, but when I got on my first freeway, around 55-60 MPH, it started vibrating almost to the point of bouncing, then it would settle down.
    Then in about 3/4 mile it would start up again, then it would settle down. My daughter and I timed it... almost exactly every 45 seconds the two tires of the trailer would get in-sync (or out of sync if you want to view it that way) and set up this massive vibration. Once the two tires rotated themselves out of sync, things would settle down... then exactly 3/4 mile later (since that's the distance we covered every 45 seconds at 60 miles per hour) the trailer would start bouncing again. This was exacerbated by the fact that I had a lot of slop in my receiver hitch.

    When I purchased a brand new pair of tires and wheels, things were much better. I even took some time before removing them to let each wheel find bottom, by lifting the trailer and rotating them slowly. It was surprising how badly they were out of balance... each tire quickly rocked back and forth until the heavy spot found the bottom. The new tires didn't have as much of a heavy spot, and upon a quick test tow, they proved to be nearly silent. Obviously the old tires had just slightly different diameters, which could be due to wear or inflation of one tire greater than the other. They found their harmony every 45 seconds, or 3/4 of a mile so I don't believe it had anything to do with the suspension.

    Your trailer, if I read correctly is new.. but still, you might try swapping the wheels from one side to the other and see if the problem follows a particular tire/wheel combo.

    Oh yeah, my trailer also had a torsion suspension on it, for the record.

    Just my $.02.


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    Re: Wheel Bounce

    If it is a balance problem you could try Ride-On to balance the tires and provide some puncture protection too.
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    Re: Wheel Bounce

    After I mounted new tires on the wheels for my Aspen Classic, I put them on the wheel balancer. Only took a 1/2 oz or so, but they were out of balance some what. Correct balance will also improve tire life in addition to smoother ride.

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    Re: Wheel Bounce

    Is it possible the the bouncy tire had a lot more air pressure in it than the other side?
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    Re: Wheel Bounce

    Any tire shop for cars that sells and mounts tires will be just fine, you don't have to find any special place to balance your tire. The tire machine doesn't know what the tire came off of.

    Check tire pressure, then balance. Great place to start
    The internet? Is that thing still around?


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    Re: Wheel Bounce

    If it's a stamped steel wheel, also bend up a coat hanger off the frame and verify that you don't have a wheel with a 1/4 inch hop... I had a set of galvanized boat trailer wheels that would eat a pair of tires in 6k miles until I figured out that I wasn't wearing out belts, so much as having a wheel that wasn't really round.

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