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Thread: Ever lost your Cell Phone?

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    Re: Ever lost your Cell Phone?

    I ran over my cell phone with my truck a couple years ago. Not on purpose, not happy.
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    Re: Ever lost your Cell Phone?

    I had forgotten my wife was riding with me one Sunday, her cell rang. She tried to get it
    out of he jacket pocket. She dropped it, and it fell on the highway. I U-turned and we found
    it. But it broke and no way to fix it....

    I have had good luck with cells, after this post where I recalled drowning it two times in 3 days.
    This same cell got stolen from my car, after I left it unlocked in my drive way,
    guy made 8 calls before my grandson tuned it off with his laptop. I called one number, girl told me
    his name, where he lived, and I told police. Nothing ever came of it..

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