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Thread: headlight modulator for motorcycles

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    Question headlight modulator for motorcycles

    I have been thinking about getting a headlight modulator for some time now but, haven't pulled the trigger yet. The added safety factor in my opinion will be worth the price of just under $100 per unit and I can do the installation myself. Looks like from what I have been reading they are an easy "plug & play" install. I will be putting one on my ol' '86 Concours first and then maybe one for my '99 KLR650. The other bikes I have might get modulators a bit later on.

    I am wondering who all has them and your thoughts about 'em. Pros and cons? What bikes do you have them on? Any particular brand of modulator better than another?


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    Re: headlight modulator for motorcycles

    I have one on my Triumph Tiger. It has separate low and high beam lights. My Twinlight Driver modulates the high in daylight and runs it at reduced power at night so I keep it on all the time. I still have high beam whenever I need it. The one I have is programmable so you can choose the level of power on the modulation, at night and some other functions. I can't remember all it can do since I haven't changed it for years.

    I feel it does make me more visible, especially to cross traffic at intersections and left-turners. Cagers don't seem to see bikes because of their size so a pulsating light draws their attention. I haven't had anyone pull in front of me since installing (quick knock on wood. I have probably just jinxed myself).

    I'd install it again.

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    Re: headlight modulator for motorcycles

    I installed headlight modulators on both mine & Deb's Harleys years ago ... Ours only work When the "bright" light is on, so if we want to switch off the modulation for some reason, we merely need to switch to "dim" on the headlight. They also have a light sensor that automatically cancels the modulation when it starts to get dark.
    IMO ... I can't help but think they help ... Oncoming traffic see the "flickering" headlights, which makes them aware of "something" unusual coming toward them. ...
    One time a guy actually turned his car around and followed us into a gas station to tell us both our bikes headlights were shorting out ... ... ...
    I explained how the modulators worked to him ... He thought it was a great idea, that all motorcycles should have them ...


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    Re: headlight modulator for motorcycles

    I agree,... I think a modulating headlamp is the best thing they put on a bike since,... well, since a motor !

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    Re: headlight modulator for motorcycles

    I have retrofitted LEDs onto my 2015 gl1800 and got the modulator for the LED and have them installed on the high beams only (as per federal FVMSS) I turn on the high beams in the daylight and away they go. I use them sparingly but they are great through construction zones... illegal to use at night high or low beam and a "legal" modulator kit must have a photocell to detect ambient light to disable it when it is dark. Beyond that drove emergency vehicles for years with alternating headlights which were just great. The modulators literally go high power low power and never turn off completely which is what makes them different that emergency vehicle lights. In some other forums the use of modulator threads can erupt in religious fervor among the members pro and con.... I use them and others don't

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    Re: headlight modulator for motorcycles

    I must be old..... I'm on the other side of the coin. Let me say I'm all for taillight modulators, I think they do help with getting the attention of those behind you, when used in moderation, but when used in stop/go traffic become distracting. Headlights are another issue. I find that when followed by a bike with a headlight modulator whether in a vehicle or on the bike I will not look back, when being approached by one I find it very distracting and pay little attention to the bike. B.
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    Re: headlight modulator for motorcycles

    I think distracting is the point.

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    Re: headlight modulator for motorcycles

    You should check with your state laws before buying one. The laws differ from state to state. I have one installed on my Harley. It only works on the low beam, has a off/on switch, and a sensor for low light. Also make sure it is compatible with the type of light bulb you have. My modulator only works with a halogen bulb

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    Re: headlight modulator for motorcycles

    This spells out the legal issue. In a nutshell it is legal in all states. Personally I do not like them especially if in a group riding situation. You can get some bright LED'S that I feel are just as effective. Ride safe, camp a lot. David

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    Re: headlight modulator for motorcycles

    Don't like them myself.....


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