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Thread: HF Tag Along

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    Re: HF Tag Along


    When I put my Taggy together there was no way I was moving that box alone Like you I just took it apart in the bed of the truck, removed and assembled it piece by piece. It took me the better part of a day but it all went together. Only things I did was clean the bearings and re-grease them, put the hose over the bolts, and used fishing like to tie the hinge clasps so when they popped off I would not lose them. I never have had one come lose going down the road.

    Good luck with the assembly

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    Re: HF Tag Along

    The trailer saga continues. I drove the hour to get to HF where they had to clean a path to use the tow motor to get the second trailer off a top shelf. We opened up #2 trailer to find it had new led taillights inside. But #2 had broken fenders. So, we took the fenders out of #1 that I returned with the hole in the bottom of the carrier. Then I noticed that a tow motor blade had penetrated the box of #2 and it looked old. So, the manager said if I would take the #2 trailer they would give it to me for $170.00. Then we agreed on trading out the top carrier of #1 and the bottom of #2. But....#1 was built in 2015 and #2 was built in 2014. Both tops of the carriers had plastic heat shrink on them. I peeled away the plastic on #2 to see if it was scratched or worst cracked. It looked ok and for the price I could live with any scratches. So, I ended up buying this trailer for $170.00 and they have to send back the #1 which needs a bottom of the carrier and fenders. Now to get it all out of the truck....

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    Re: HF Tag Along

    Quote Originally Posted by bvail View Post
    Over application of grease with Bearing Buddies can blow out the seal on the inside bearings. As Ken said, BBs are for marine application only.
    Not true. Bearing Buddies don't suddenly stop working if its not a marine application. LOL.

    I've had them on my 2014 Time Out Deluxe, and I'm still on the original bearing despite pulling the trailer over 40,000 miles. Had the bearings out down at Open Road Outfitters when Dale Coyner replaced a brake coil. Cleaned them, inspected them. Perfect!

    I don't know if the Bearing Buddies helped keep dirt and rocks and dust and other crap out better or worse than just a cap. But I know that over time, the low amount of grease I put in the BB cap is "used up" and I squirt some more marine grease in.

    But what I do know is the Bearing Buddies have in no way hurt the bearings. Just don't have proper evidence to say they helped them, other than the anecdotal experience of all those (often hard, bouncy, rough, crappy roads) miles. With a heavy trailer.

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