Well, this is it.
The first motorcycle camping trip of my life.

My daughter Stephanie and I are about to embark on our "Test Camp" for the first time. She got me reservations for Father's Day at Pinnacles National Monument (which is only 30 miles out my back door). We've ridden there a couple times while she is on her Learners Permit... it's a relatively quiet road traffic wise and a beautiful ride south on Hwy 25.

This will be the first ride with a fully loaded bike... saddlebags, tail bag, and the Uni-Go trailer.
We think we have everything, but I'm sure there is something we will wish we brought, and a few things we never use.
But that is the main purpose of this ride.

My son will be joining us later. He was going to ride his GSXR, but he's a little short on funds lately so his tags are expired and I don't want any issues, so he'll be bringing his car to the campground after work.
He will also bring our firewood, as a call to the park revealed that they "may be out of firewood by Friday." So all is good.

I'll put an official Ryde Report on my website once we get back.

Wish us luck!

Jim (and Steph)

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