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Thread: Thoughts on a Slipstream !

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    Thoughts on a Slipstream !

    I am thinking of buying a second pull-behind and was considering a Slipstream. This will be pulled and mainly utilized by my better half as a cargo trailer, with only the random need for the tent. From those of you that have (or had) them, Please provide me your thoughts and considerations !

    Thank You in advance for your input !

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    Re: Thoughts on a Slipstream !

    I had a Slipstream that I pulled for several years. It pulled well and set up fast! They have a very large cargo capacity. Downside is you have to crawl into it to sleep and barely have sitting up room. Getting dressed was either done on your back or by stepping outside. I pulled mine through most of the states and part of Canada. My replacement for it is a MiniMate. Most of the stuff I carried inside the Slipstream has to be placed on top of the MiniMate. The Mini does have standing room, barely, lol.
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    Re: Thoughts on a Slipstream !

    These fellows pulled slipstreams

    pulled these trailers from Dallas to Helper UT and back to Dallas

    With these Suzuki Burman 650s

    This was during the National IBMC meet in Helper UT. Had a grand time with about 250 campers.

    Rolf Gaffe
    was a very interesting guy. He is the sole distributor of ROK straps (which I heartily endorse). He was riding a very nice BMW sportbike but told me he has 30+ bikes. If you look at his hat right in the center is a medallion. It's a Red star and I asked him where he got it. Red Square in Moscow was his reply. He was the first rider into Moscow after the Berlin Wall came down. Just proves there is no end of people one can meet while on the road. Hope our paths cross again one day Rolf.

    John and Jake
    are retired seamen. John on the left was an engineer and Jake was a 1st mate on the same 1,000' freighter (ore boat?) on the Great Lakes. We got to talking about sailing merchant ships on the big lakes and I told them that reminded me of the Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald on Lake Superior and guess what? They worked for that very same steamship company and were out on the lake that terrible night. They knew the master of the E.F. and told me that he probably took a wave amidship and it flip them over. They said that their master was a real tough guy, but he was on his knees praying to God all night.

    So if you get a chance to attend an IBMC National or even a local, I would recommend it...Slip Streams welcome
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