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Thread: Camping near Circuit of Americas?

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    Camping near Circuit of Americas?

    Planning to scratch one off the bucket list this fall and go to the F1 race in Texas. Anybody have any suggestions on camping in that area. There will be two, both pulling Lees-ure-lite campers.

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    Re: Camping near Circuit of Americas?

    Try Haywood's Hill. I called and got set up there for my 1st COTA campout this year. I'm planning on bringing my Roll a Home or a tent for a friend of mine while I'll be in a truck camper. I explained what the Roll a Home was to Don Haywood, and he's charging me $50 a day, same as a tent camping price. His place is right next to parking lot M, and he is suppose to have good views of the track. His Facebook page has a good description of his place with some photos.

    Good luck.

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