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Thread: Do I need electric brakes towing with a trike?

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    Re: Do I need electric brakes towing with a trike?

    whats the best oil to use?

    LOL everyone has their own opinion and its right as far as we care.
    Bottom line , if you want more braking you can add it .
    If its fine the way it is let it go as is.

    Me if the brakes are already on the trailer and not that big a deal to set up. done as like a lot of things , rather have them and not need them than not have them and need them ...
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    Re: Do I need electric brakes towing with a trike?

    I have a 5 flat on my Trike and trailer, last year when I added brakes to my Aspen Classic, I just ran a positive wire (with inline fuse) to the side of the 5 Pin. I installed a Proportional Brake controller in a box on the tongue of the trailer. It senses the inertia and applies the brake appropriately. There are adjustment settings on the controller for less or more braking power depending on your driving/stopping habits. With the controller on the tongue of the trailer, it keeps it off the bike and makes wiring simple.

    I say if your trailer already has the brakes on it, USE THEM!!! You won't know how badly you need them That 1 time, till that 1 time comes.......
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    Re: Do I need electric brakes towing with a trike?

    Since your trailer has brakes on it already, hook the trailer up to your bike, load the rig with everything, and find a big parking lot or long, deserted road.

    Get it going a little faster each time you stop. Throw some curved stops in to simulate a panic stop.

    You'll know pretty quick whether or not your brakes are up to it. If they are, remove the electric brakes from the trailer frame and store them. They'll help with resale.

    If it doesn't stop well, we'll all be here to help you decide on a controller. Deal? FWIW, if my Ural sidecar had enough brakes, I wouldn't have bought them new with my Aspen. They're 50 lbs of unsprung weight, the worst kind!
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