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Thread: Solar Eclipse in Oregon

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    Solar Eclipse in Oregon

    Planning a run from Southern California to the Puget Sound and back down to Newport Oregon to view the Eclipse in August then returning to SoCal via the coast.
    Just wondering what words of wisdom on the subjects of Camping, Not to miss Events, Attractions, Routes, any knowledge that might apply.
    I'm one up aboard my 2009 BMW K1200LT, planning a few motel nights to break up camping and a lotta touristing. I've made the trip by four wheeler and know how RV traffic can be so I'm really interested in alternate roads.
    Dates look like around 8/11-28. Anyone interested to tag along just say so.

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    Re: Solar Eclipse in Oregon

    You'll have heard about the road closures around Big Sur, so you'll have to factor that in.

    As for the eclipse, if you haven't got accommodation already, you may have a problem. Prices have gone sky-high, and there's virtually no camping anywhere left in Oregon in the path of totality. The Oregon State park system opened up some extra camping, but that's all full now. Their site had a warning that if you're not in the path of totality the night before, you may have issues getting there on the Monday - they are expecting gridlock on the main roads. So far, the only site I've found that seems to have camping availability is in Lebanon, Oregon (near the I5):

    I'm planning to head down from Vancouver, BC for the eclipse, but at the moment think I'll head to the eastern part of the state for a better chance of clear skies - the coast is notorious for fog. I reckon (but don't really know) that there shouldn't be gridlock in the eastern part because it's much less populated, so I figure I can camp a couple hundred miles out and then just get up early and drive down to the path.

    As for routes and camping generally, the whole Oregon coast is fantastic, although I like the south half better. Lots of State Park camping, but they fill up in the summer, so be ready to stop early each day. Around Tillamook, there's a nice circle route out to Cape Mears and Oceanside (nice campsite out there as well). Crater Lake area is pretty cool as well. Keep in mind that in summer the coast can fog up and be cool while it's sunny and warm 10 miles inland. Or it may just rain the whole time like I experienced one August - but definitely worth the gamble for the scenery.

    Sorry, don't know a lot about alternate roads. I almost always stick to the coast unless having to make time up the I5.

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