I'm old. I'm broke down. I'm tired. After going to war as a young man, marriage to a wonderful woman for 32 years today, after working all the way to retirement, and raising four strong, smart, trustworthy 6 foot tall men, I've had enough.

So, Barb and I sold my dream truck, and used some of the money to buy our 1st brand new vehicle ever, a 2017 Aspen Classic camper!

Oh boy!

After endless emails back and forth with Lennard Lado from,

The experience could not have been easier, or more comfortable. Lennard is THE consummate salesman, being patient above all, kind, honest, but never pushing or rushing. Straight up good guy. Occasional contact with Brady and Emily at the manufacturer were equally as pleasant. Quick responses, complete answers, suggestions, all were freely given.

NEVER a curt reply. NEVER impatience. NEVER anything but excellent customer service, which is matched ONLY by the quality of their product.

Their PRODUCT! Holy guacamole, these are cool little campers! Light, small, but with a king size bed! Our bed at home is just a queen, and it's big enough. This king is YUGE! Tent material seems tough as nails, bulletproof zippers, and the poles and hardware are all overbuilt. Fiberglass is strong and smooth. The full steel frame is rigid, the wiring all loomed, and the fixtures well secured. All lugs tight, and plenty of grease in the bearings.

And yet lightweight! Towed it home from the shipper in town with a Buick Encore with a 1.5 liter lawnmower engine, and I still didn't even feel it. We'll see how the Ural does with it, but I'm not expecting much! (I think I'm going to mount a SLOW VEHICLE sign on the back!)

Urals are GREAT for backroads and 55 mph, (which we prefer), and we won't be taking it on the highway. Like, ever! So...slow is good. Below are some initial pics with the outfit parked in front so you all can see what the whole rig will look. I'm going to pinstripe the trailer sides to match the outfit.

Some points:

1. The water containers will be filled when we are close to, or at, our destination. Then they'll be dumped when we leave, so we won't be traveling far fully loaded.

2. Yes, the Whynter 45 expedition fridge is heavy, but we intend to make allowances for it when we go to campgrounds with power for an extended stay. Most of the time we'll be using a smaller standard cooler.

3. Same for the propane. Only for extended stays, and filled near destination. (Shooting for a 35-40 lb tongue weight.

4. Yes, it has brakes from the factory. I'm currently working on installing a Hopkins InSIGHT brake controller, (Urals are not known for their brakes!) Here's a link to how I plan to install it:


Aaaannd, here's some pics!

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