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Thread: Took my Uni-Go out for a run today...

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    Re: Took my Uni-Go out for a run today...

    Quote Originally Posted by Bluetick View Post
    I wondered about backing them up. I suppose if you could just go straight back and then turn going forward to get where you're going...
    I back it up into a corner often, for example backing out of a parking place. It is really no different that backing up a trailer with a automobile. It is just a bit weird at first. Also my wife will hang around and if I get messed up she can lift the trailer tire off the ground and swing the trailer one way or the other, but she does not need to help very often as I get better at it. It just takes some practice.

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    Re: Took my Uni-Go out for a run today...

    I suppose, if you can get used to backing up a regular trailer with a bike I guess you can figure out a one wheel. As long as it doesn't get off center and take the bike with it...
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