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Thread: Ordered Redverz today

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    Ordered Redverz it came in.

    Well, I bit the bullet, and ordered the Redverz Atacama tent today. I'm planning on some solo camping this year and wanted a tent that I could stand up in, or sit inside in a full size chair if it's raining. The sleeping area is even large enough to accomidate my roll-a-cot, to get me off the ground. I know that it's big, and will take a little more time to setup, but big is what I wanted. I doubt that I'll park the bike inside, unless it's coming a downpour, while it packing the bike.

    I'll post a video and review in about a week, after it gets here.

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    Edit: Review is further down the page.
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    Re: Ordered Redverz today

    I look forward to that. I've always wondered about this tent.

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    Re: Ordered Redverz today

    I completely understand about head room in a tent. I used a 4 man tent. It didn't have full height
    but got close. There was room enough for my air mattress and my camp chair. It was so much
    easier for this old man to put his boots on in the morning.

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    Re: Ordered Redverz today

    From what I've seen of them, they are an excellent tent! Would love to have one, but I'm afraid if I bought one I would have to live in it full time! My wife is a tight wa er, frugal...

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    Re: Ordered Redverz today

    I hope this will be my next tent. I'm amazed at how small it packs down, considering how big it sets up.

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    Re: Ordered Redverz today

    Too small for a Goldwing :-(
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    Re: Ordered Redverz today

    Congrats! Looking forward to the review. They're nice tents. Met a few 'happy campers' with them. Hope you're happy with your new digs!
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    Re: Ordered Redverz today

    I've had the Series II tent for several years now, I really love it!! What an awesome tent. The garage area has come in so handy, what a great place to get in out of the rain.

    I've been in some serious storms with that tent and it has never leaked. On a couple of occasions I got lazy and did not stake it down properly. If there is any chance of wind make sure to use all the stakes and guy lines.
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    Re: Ordered Redverz today

    John, I have an Atacama arriving next week, too. I think it will be a great tent for same reasons you posted. Since I'm looking at about a foot of snow on the ground at my place I'll hold off setting it up and look forward to your review.

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    Re: Ordered Redverz today

    Well, I decided to get a larger tent, one that I could stand up in and have plenty of room to get in and out of bed, without crawling around on the ground. After much research, I decided on the Redverz Atacama. It's way larger than I need, but I honestly couldn't find a tent, where I could walk into without stooping, and I wanted one where I could sit in a full size chair. The tent is actually a big fly, with the sleeping section strapped to the inside of the fly. The sleeping section can be totally removed and the tent can be used just as a large rain fly. I purchased the optional ground cloth for the sleeping area because I knew that I needed a ground cloth, and this one clips onto the bottom of the tent and rolls up with the tent. The packed size isn't too bad for a tent of this size. Packed size is 9" x 21" and weighs around 15 lbs. There are only 3 poles, and they're all inserted into sleeves while the tent is laying flat. With the poles in place, and one end of the tent staked down, you pull on the opposite end and the whole thing stands up. Two more stakes in that end, and it's up. It takes a few more stakes and some guy lines to secure it against winds, but I believe it's fairly easy to set up, considering the size.

    Without any help, I was able to set it up the first time in 14 minutes. This included figuring out that the entire tent was upside down after I unrolled it. The sleeves are color coded for the correct poles. Taking it down was only 15 minutes to get it packed away in the included stuff bag. I think that the next time will only take 10 minutes, or less, for up or down. It took a couple of tries to figure out how it needed to be rolled up, to fit in the bag.

    I started to video the setup and takedown, but figured I might screw up and waste 45 minutes of everyone's time watching, if it didn't go right. There are plenty of videos of the setup on YouTube. Just search for Redverz

    I purchased it, directly from Redverz, in Denver, with a simple phone call to Christine. I started the call asking if it was every discounted or went on sale and was told that the best she could do is throw in the ground cloth ($49) for the sleeping area and free UPS shipping. I also bought the awning kit, which is just 2 poles and a couple of guy lines that hold the garage door up, for additional shade area. I didn't put up the awning today, since it is threatening rain and I was in a hurry go get it down and packed away.

    The next sunny day, I'll practice setting it up again, with a video.


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