I was sitting here at home thinking about camping.
I saw a video of a Class A, storm hit and tore off the awning. Frame and fabric.
I have only did this camping in a tent camper for a year now.
I once got caught traveling On open highway, once, pulled off and rode the storm out,
sitting on my Trike in a helmet and rain suite. Pea sized hail, wind, kind of scary. Debated
if I should get off and sit on downwind side of the trike. 15 min. it stopped. All ended ok.
Riding home from a rally last Memorial Day. Tornado in Mo. Hit as we rode, tin from barns,
started falling around us. We rode one more mile, to service station, and sat it out. Lucky day for us.

Just thought I would ask, what would you do? In a campground, trees, all around, storm hits.
Would you ride it out inside the tent, or camper. Abandon ship for a motel. Go to the shower
house for safety, leave the tent or camper set up? Just what would you do? Or have done.
I think your safety is the first thought, tent can be replaced.
If I knew it was a tornado, warning that night, might go get a motel instead of setting up.

But sometimes storms. Wind comes up fast and unexpected.... YOU GOT A PLAN?