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Thread: One pot dinner

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    Re: One pot dinner

    Knor rice or one of the pasta meals . Heat for 7 min. add canned chicken or any other meat . Serves 2 or just me if I have skipped lunch . Always carry dried eggs and canned potato with some kind of meat I have even used beef sticks . Just olive oil water eggs and add the rest and top with grated chedder . Now I have to go cook dinner made my self hungry .

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    Re: One pot dinner

    If you're making any kind of wet stew/soup, break up your favorite beef jerky. It'll reconstitute as it simmers. Break it up small, though. Most jerky is made with tougher cuts of meat on purpose.

    Scissors help, just snip a strip into short sections, against the grain. We have a small metal lunchbox we lash to the head of our Ural Retro, (boxer engine, so the heads point straight out sideways).

    Jar spaghetti sauce with onions and jerky, slow cooked on a cylinder head, is wicked tasty after a long cold ride. Our pail is similar to this one.

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    Re: One pot dinner

    When I was really into eating super healthy and keeping trim during training, I'd do a one pot dinner that no one here is probably going to try, but I liked it. Super simple. A can of baked beans, and a can of tuna fish. Mix it up in a pot, heat it up and there you go. Super healthy, plenty of protein and lean carbs. And I actually liked the taste. Certainly beat franks and beans on the health scale, but perhaps not on the appealing scale.

    For a more yummy one pot if you are not watching the calories, I used to do a quick spam and egg casserole type dish. A packet of Spam, three eggs, and a packet of rice (the pre-cooked rice in the packets). I'd mix it all up and heat it up until the egg was cooked well and mixed in with the rice. Delicious. Doesn't hurt to throw in a small can of mushrooms, but that's optional. Powdered Eggs or Egg Beaters work in a pinch.

    I saw a good one on Youtube a few years ago. Take some instant mashed potatoes mixed with turkey or pork sausage or brats, so you are basically making "Bangers and Mash" in one pot. Fry up the sausage in the pot, then throw in the instant mashed potatoes and water and cook up the instant spuds right with the sausage allowing them to absorb the flavor. I love bangers and mash so I do enjoy this one. Add some Onion and gravy mix and you have semi-authentic bangers and mash in the field. I once put in a packet of Lipton Onion Soup Dry Mix for onion bangers and mash. Wow. Delicious. Lots of variations here you can try.
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    Re: One pot dinner

    I see that dkurfiss breaks the Bear Creek pak, into small meals.

    Camping Hack I saw said take a ziplock bag, put in one cup of water, at home, turn the bag till water in in the corner.
    Draw a line across top of water. This gives you a one cup measuring bag to use on the trip, to add to the meals.
    Takes up no room.

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    Re: One pot dinner

    Nothing more creative than a hungry man...or woman. Some great eats here, as I busily write them down.

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    Re: One pot dinner

    One package of shells and cheese mac and cheese (the kind with the cheese in the silver package that doesn't require milk or butter) cook as directed add tuna and peas. You can use flavored tuna in the foil package to make it interesting.

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    Re: One pot dinner

    Spanish or spice instant rice & a can of bbq chicken mixed in and heated! Easy quick and taste!

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    Re: One pot dinner

    I have personally not tried this, and quite honestly, it's too much for me and probably too rich, but it does look good. If you are cooking for two or have a hearty appetite with plenty of high-fat in the food, this may be for you.

    MOUNTAIN MAN BREAKFAST (or lunch or dinner if you prefer) - ONE POT (almost)
    Sausage, Eggs, Stuffing, Potatoes, Cheese
    Technically two-pot if you prepare potatoes and sausage separately, but I'd boil the potatoes and set them aside, then fry up the sausage in the pot and add the potatoes back in, thus ONE pot.

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    One pot dinner

    Winnie just said she would haul in a crockpot and make red beans and rice for the pot-luck. Said she would also bring something toward a desert. She said Durango has both Wall-Mart and Sams so she will do grocery shopping there before we come up to Silverton. .

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    Re: One pot dinner

    Wife and I don't do much cooking while we travel. Our one pot supper could be spaghetti and sauce. She will then boil up some hard boiled eggs for the next day lunch and some kubassa (sp) with crackers and cheese. We usually stop for a decent supper on the road, and then travel to a camp ground to set up. Those little boxes of cereal and coffee for breakfast. (Coffee is my job) Maybe a breakfast sandwich after a couple hours on the road.


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